Exhibition: “The Singapore River as a Psychogeographical Faultline” by Debbie Ding


Photographs + Text by Rebecca Toh

“The idea of psychogeography is that you walk not because you have to get to some place, but because you want to explore, and the reward is, sometimes you go somewhere and the feeling is just right.

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Furniture: Monokraft

Mixing traditional craftsmanship with a deep-rooted respect for wood as a superior material, Monokraft produces painstakingly hand-crafted wooden furniture from a small factory in Higashikawa, Hokkaido.

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Column: Japanese Apartments


This is an irregular column by Aron Luangphinith of make it easy.

Japanese apartments have always had their own certain look to them, whether it’s the wooden floors, small and cramped spaces, soft window lighting, or even the fact that everything is low and in reach. Nanako Koyama’s work gives us a small peek into these intimate yet beautiful living spaces.

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Creative Space: After School

Photos + Text by Rebecca Toh

Every city needs its own cult cafe, a sort of repository for a certain type of people to escape to and gather, chain smoke, exchange gossip, drink beer, relax, and – of course, talk about art.

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Interview: 6th Singapore Short Film Festival

NOBODY'S_HOME_stillWe spoke with the fabulous Aishah Ashburn, who is the programmer of the 6th Singapore Short Film Festival, on why you should catch this year’s festival at The Substation, Singapore’s first independent contemporary arts center.

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Photography: Cities grow old and new everyday

Fritz Hoffman captures the schizophrenic nature of Shanghai, where its nostalgic past constantly clashes with its own futuristic present, in a stunning set of photographs published in the March issue of National Geographic.

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Event: Tokyo Art Book Fair 2010 (Zine’s Mate)


We spotted some great photographs taken by Amy Fox of this year’s Tokyo Art Book Fair.

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Travel: Places and Writers


Photo + Text By Rebecca Toh

Every place that I want to visit (alone) is inspired by, inevitably, a writer.

Because of Jack Kerouac I wanted to see Denver, badly, or at least hop on a truck in my torn jeans and drive across the states with a bunch of hippies. Strange aspirations (I was 17 then), and how very romantic.

Then I read Allen Ginsberg, and I was absolutely changed. Even the way I punctuated changed. India became the next destination on my imaginary map. Ginsberg was the quintessential travelling poet, but something more than his poetry touched me, and I think it was the way he fashioned himself as a nomad, someone who never belonged, someone who always had to step out of his comfort zone in order to find himself.

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Exhibition: SNOW Magazine Cafe

snow-300xFrom today onwards until 30 August, as long as you’re in Tokyo, head over to Cafe Pause and you will be able to stumble into an exhibition showcasing a fine, fine collection of art / design / culture magazines from around the world.

The exhibition is curated by Tokyo-based Jean Snow.

Magazines and publications on display in the cafe are free for browsing, although if you’re keen on hanging around, Cafe Pause has also created a special drink & snack menu for you.

There will also be a special showcase of magazines by Knee High Media, that awesome creator of such gems like Japanese travel magazine Paper Sky.

More info here!

Travel: 9h Capsule Hotel

9h-300xWelcome to 9h Capsule Hotel, where function meets form in a fantastically futuristic twist.

Capsule hotels have always existed in Japan, but usually in the form of seedy, cheap accomodation favoured by salarymen who want to crash for the night or budget travellers who are game for something different (not necessarily in a good way!).

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